Another Exciting Installment of Freebie Friday!

At Teaching Blog Addict would like to offer YOU all sorts of classroom freebies! The internet is full of all sorts of resources, but we offer one place every Friday to help with your lesson plans!
We're so glad that a Kinders Garten Vintage Homeschool linked up with us! We are very excited to feature her FREE Vintage Dalmatian Fire Dog Mini Activity Resource!
Our loyal blogging followers will link up all sorts of good stuff for your classroom this week! We invite you to please link up too! Halloween Party Ideas, Task Cards, Clip Art, October Resources, November Center Games, Thanksgiving, Smart Board Resources, Math Printables, Reading Book Reports, Report Card Comments? Anything teaching related, we invite you to join us too!  
Please remember to visit the two posts linked up before you and leave some love! 
Thank you!

This Week's Collection

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