As teaching blog addicts, we know who we are and gosh-darn-plain admit it! We are endlessly checking out the latest blog posts from our favorite authors {other than ourselves} and finding the fun resources available to teachers created by other fabulous teachers.

We want to share with you, dear TBA reader, some of the best kept secrets we have come across in our blogging.

Online teaching expos have moved us forward in a big way. We helped put these events on, many of our authors presented and we got a ton out of each event! You'll love that you can attend the event in your pj's. It's the best kind of professional development you can have outside of starting a teaching blog {in our humble opinion}.

Giveaways for free teaching products is a {sigh} love that we have fueled by teaching blogs. We get giddy over the chance to win free stuff, don't you? A directory of all the giveaways offered by teacher-bloggers... yes please! 

We give you a sneak peek into our little black book. Every blogger has one. It's their favorite places to go to for new ideas, inspiration and places to link up. This little black book of linky parties is the place to find essential teaching info. and keeps you in the know of what's going on in the teaching blog world.