As a teaching blog addict, I began my own blog with absolutely no clue as to how to start. Like many teacher-bloggers the desire to start simply overcame the lack of knowledge with many google searches, elbow grease and late nights gripping the keyboard shouting at my monitor, "What does THAT code mean?!?"
There is a learning curve that we each go through in creating a teaching blog - but it's so worth it! If you ask me, it's the absolute best kind of professional development you can ever get. It's ongoing, personal and stretches you like no other. Luckily for you, you've got a few people that have gone ahead of you and can help you get a jump-start. {wink}

Let's Get Started!

On our sister site Teach Junkie I've compiled 24 steps to creating an awesome teacher blog that are links to the "how-to" technical stuff and the rules of the teacher blog niche. {Did you know we had some unspoken ones? We'll now they're written down just for you}

Here are my top tips on learning some of the code and basics that you just may want to stash away so that as you're working you can quickly get the help without a headache. Things like:
  • Leaving a direct link in comments
  • Create links in the words of your post
  • Tracking links that you leave (like on a pdf/google doc) since its hard to see how many people download your stuff
  • Link images/graphics in your post or (a video tutorial)
  • Schedule a post to publish automatically
  • Creating a blog button
  • Inserting screenshots into your post
  • Creating a signature
  • Removing shadows around photos/images
  • Adding a favicon
And I'd be re-missed if I didn't tell you that the Blogging 101 online expo isn't still the place to go - because there is so much you'll be thankful you learned.

- Leslie